Page Plus Online ESN Validation Tool

Friday July 25th, 2014 - We are having a problem with our ESN Validations system.  Many - most - are coming back blank.  Our engineers are working on the issue, but we do not yet have an ETA.  You are free to keep trying, but slamming the system with retries every few minutes will not help.  I'd try every few hours to see if we have made progress on the problem.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  (Kitty)

Using this tool you can validate an ESN on the Page Plus Network.  This tool will tell you the following things:

- If this ESN is active on the network, it will give you the phone number that is it active on.

- If the database knows the make, mode & model of the device, it will tell you those things.

- It will give you the "device state", such as whether it is blacklisted, or available for use on the network, etc.

If some parts of information are not available, those fields will come back empty.

4g Device Information

Please note that if you are trying to check the IMEI number of a 4g device you must drop the last digit off the IMEI Number. Also please note that 4g devices require SPECIAL FLASHING in order to be used on Page Plus, a service that we do not provide.

If you have a 4g LTE device that you are trying to get to work on Page Plus, please visit our 4g LTE FLASHING FORUMS on Kitty Forums by clicking here to do your research first.



We are having trouble sending email to or email addresses.  If you choose to use one of these types of email addresses, on any of our forms, please be sure to double check your spam or junk mail folder to be sure our responses to you have not gone there.

If you do not receive a response back from our system within 60 minutes (except when the system is offline between 11:30pm and 1:30am EST), please try again.  This system is made for high volume, however, we are expecting a few tweaks will need to be made, so feel free to try again if you get no response.

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