Page Plus Online ESN Validation Tool

Anyone found to be using this tool for COMMERCIAL use, or any fraudulent or abusive purpose, will not only lose access to our entire website, but will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  We removed public access to this tool before, and if we find this abused, we will do so again, permanently. Do not abuse this and ruin it for everyone.

Using this tool you can validate an ESN on the Page Plus Network.  This tool will tell you the following things:

- If this ESN is active on the network, it will give you the phone number that is it active on.

- If the database knows the make, mode & model of the device, it will tell you those things.

- It will give you the "device state", such as whether it is blacklisted, or available for use on the network, etc.

If some parts of information are not available, those fields will come back empty.


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