StraightTalk vs.
Page Plus Cellular

What are the differences between StraightTalk & Page Plus Cellular?

First, full disclosure:  Kitty Wireless is an authorized Page Plus Dealer.  We sell Page Plus Cellular products exclusively.  We firmly believe that Page Plus Cellular is the network with the best coverage, most economical plans, and the most flexible network, in the United States today.  Let me just put it this way:  We're in business to earn a living.  If there were a better prepaid cellular product available, we would be selling that, instead.  Also, please keep in mind that this industry changes extremely fast ... so fast sometimes that we cannot keep things updated-to-the-minute.  This page is up to date as of 12/18/2011.  Some of the information on this page may be portrayed as the "opinion" of Kitty Wireless, and that's valid.  

Now, onto Straight Talk vs. Page Plus.  Straight Talk is sold in Wal-Mart stores nationwide, and online.  StraightTalk used to, and my still, run on the same network that Page Plus does, however, we have heard that they are branching out into other networks - such as GSM and other types of CDMA networks.

They now offer StraightTalk GSM coverage (which runs on a GSM network provider) and Android CDMA coverage which runs on Sprint. Sprint CDMA coverage vs. Page Plus CDMA coverage.  If you do your research on that (compare the coverage maps) you'll see that native Page Plus CDMA coverage trumps StraightTalk's Android CDMA coverage, hands down.

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Feature StraightTalk Page Plus
Device Usability

Requires you to use their device, that you purchase retail in a store, if you want them to support it.  Can you use unsupported devices?  Yes, but they require circumventing normal Straight Talk procedures.  Go ahead, call Straight Talk and ask them if you can bring your own device, ask them to activate your old CDMA device you have laying around from contract days, and see what they tell you.

Page Plus sells their line up of Brand New Kyocera devices, which only support basic WAP internet functionality, however, they do openly allow you to use practically any other CDMA device, as long as it has a Page Plus PRL on it, and can be programmed manually or over the air.  I would say that ... 75-80% of our Page Plus Cellular customers bring their own device.  Whether it be Androids, or just an old CDMA flip phone they had previously, most customers seem to have their own equipment. 

Click here to read about smartphones on Page Plus Cellular.  (Exceptions:  You cannot use a retail-packaged prepaid device that you purchased in a retail or box store, unless it is specifically marked for Page Plus.)
Network Roaming
No roaming.  Meaning, you CANNOT roam.  So if you are in an area where you CANNOT pickup Native StraightTalk
signal, your phone will just show

Allows roaming.  Gets the same coverage as on the StraightTalk network, except, if you happen to go outside of the network, you ARE allowed to roam.  It costs 29 cents per minute.  This is important for the following scenario:

What if your car breaks down while you are OUTSIDE of the network?  With StraightTalk, you're out of luck.  Your phone
will show NO SERVICE.  On Page Plus, your phone would still work, albeit at 29 cents/minute.
Browser Capabilities

StraightTalk gives you UNLIMITED
Data, yes, that's true, however, what they do NOT tell you is that the browsers that are on their phones are crippled.  They do not allow you to view videos, stream music, or do many other things that require
intensive data, at least not on the basic WAP devices they sell.

Browser capabilities might have improved on the Android CDMA devices they are selling, but... compare the Straight Talk CDMA to Page Plus CDMA coverage.  Enough said.

Some devices may support WiFi.

Page Plus does NOT currently offer UNLIMITED Data, but they also do not limit what you can do with your phone - at all.  If you want to run a very high end 3G device, so be it, go for it. 

As long as you can manage your Page Plus Data allotments wisely, and use WiFi to supplement your 3G data usage, you should do just fine throughout the month..

American Based
Customer Service

StraightTalk, as far as we know, outsources most, if not all, of their customer service jobs overseas. This means that when you call StraightTalk, you are very likely not talking to someone in America.  I don't know about you, but this matters to me.

If we are wrong on this, someone please let us know.  But we just called StraightTalk the other day to get a number released for a customer, and we were definitely talking to someone outside of America.

Nothing about Page Plus's customer service is overseas.  When you need help with Page Plus, you can go through your preferred dealer (which, let's admit it, in most cases these days is Kitty Wireless), or you can call their call center which puts you in touch with someone in their Toledo, Ohio office. 

Jobs based in the United States. Customer service based in the United States.  This is one of the deciding factors for many people these days -- if you've ever experienced an outsourced overseas call center, you probably completely understand this. :-)

Here is a comparison that a customer of ours wrote about StraightTalk vs. Page Plus, we thought this comparison would help you as well:

"I tried a Straight Talk phone and here is how I'd expand on the difference. Straight Talk seems to rely SOLELY on OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER towers. There were many dead spots on my 13 mile commute to work with a Straight Talk phone. "Roaming" is actually a misnomer and quite confusing to the Regular Joe. What I learned about OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER by studying their coverage maps is the single most important difference between PP and ST- the "Enhanced Coverage" regions. VW's Enhance Coverage includes towers from other providers that VW uses under contract with them. PP supports VW's Enhanced Coverage and ST doesn't. This may not effect YOU, but trust me that if you look at ST and VW's coverage maps side by side, I live between HUGE dead zones in ST's coverage and my "test drive" of a ST phone confirmed that it was pretty worthless to me. VW's Enhanced Coverage area fills in most of those dead zones AND PP seems to be using it. To compare PP to ST in ACTUAL coverage in my area is like comparing a thimble to a toothpick."  (Credit given to djmerchant from!)

I hope this helps.  If you have any other questions about StraightTalk vs. Page Plus Cellular, please email us at: