Kitty Wireless Page Plus Port - FREE

For a limited time, click here to submit your Port Request FREE OF CHARGE!

This fee is non-refundable EXCEPT if we are unable to port your number over for some reason*.

If you think our price for a Port Request is too high, just think about the cost of staying with your current provider over the next 12-24 months.  Page Plus will absolutely save you money over your current postpaid provider.  We believe, if you do the math, you'll find the cost of getting into Page Plus, via Kitty Wireless, to be well worth it in the long-term.

Information about the Verizon iPhone 4 and 4S use on Page Plus Cellular:  For years now when you asked us about whether you could use an iPhone 4 or 4S on Page Plus, we had to tell you that you could not.  That has now changed. 

We are very pleased to announce that the CDMA Apple iPhone 4 and 4S devices are now officially allowed to be activated on Page Plus!

This change in policy applies to the iPhone 4 and 4S models only.  The other models, the iPhone 5, 5C and 5S are still not able to be used on Page Plus at this time, simply because they are 4g LTE devices and we cannot support 4g LTE (YET!)

As long as you provide 100% accurate information on your port request, we guarantee the fastest porting in the industry, during our normal business hours.  We have full time port specialists on staff who are experts in what they do.  Don't risk losing your number to inexperience!

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT Order a Port Request and a Plan or PIN at the same time. Ports must be completed first, separately. Ports that are ordered in combination with a plan or pin simultaneously will be canceled & not completed.  Add ONE PORT to your cart, checkout and complete the form, then order the plan after your port is completed.  Thank you! 


Kitty Wireless Specializes in Page Plus Ports - we have NEVER lost a number during our porting process!  We get your port submitted, and done, professionally!

If you are porting over a WIRELESS LINE from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, US Cellular, or Sprint, we can usually get your port done in just a few hours. 

This fee is non-refundable EXCEPT if we are unable to port your number over for some reason*.

*If your number is moved over to Page Plus, and is on the Page Plus System, it is considered a SUCCESSFUL PORT. 

We do NOT guarantee programming on your device - that is up to you, unless you purchased the device from us - we will guarantee OUR devices.  We WILL help as much as we can with tips on programming, but we cannot and will not guarantee programming on devices we do not sell.  It's impossible for us to provide technical support for devices we have never seen.

SPECIAL KITTY BONUS:  We understand that sometimes a device can be defective.  Therefore.... Any number that is ported in through Kitty Wireless onto a device, if you cannot get THAT device to work, we will give you up to 2 additional ESN Changes (a $14.00 value) free of charge to get your ported number onto a working device.  Just ask us!  This applies ONLY to the ported in phone number, and only within the first week after the port is done.  Thanks!

We submit port requests up the close of business, 7 days a week. PLEASE ONLY ORDER 1 PORT REQUEST PER ORDER.  If you need to order more, come back and order each port request separately.  Thanks!

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The number you are porting from your other provider to Page Plus MUST currently be active with your old provider.  It cannot be suspended, deactivated, or canceled.  It must be active in order to be portable.

We give you a $2.00 free credit once your port is done, directly to your new Page Plus Cellular Account. 

If you have activated a temporary number on Page Plus, on a device, to try out the service, and are now ready to port in an existing number from another carrier to replace that temporary number, we can do that, as long as you read below.

Please note:  YOU DO NOT need to have a temporary number with Page Plus before porting in a number.  There seems to be some confusion around this. You can port a number from another carrier, over to Page Plus, through Kitty Wireless, and put it directly onto a device, with no "middle number" in the process.  Please contact us for clarification if you need it.

This section below, these four requirements listed below, ONLY apply to people who are replacing an existing Page Plus number with a newly ported in number, and need to move a cash balance between the old and new number.  This section does NOT apply to EVERY port request.

NOTE:  Customer Purchased Cash Balances are transferrable if you port in a phone number to replace an existing PagePlus Cellular Number.

Here are the requirements for this transfer - all 4 requirements must be met:

1. You are porting in a phone number, to replace an existing PagePlus number.

2. You have a cash balance on that old number you want to move over that you purchased (free credit money is not transferrable).

3. You are using the same device from the old number on the new number.

4. This transfer must be done within 24 hours of your incoming port request being completed.

We CAN and WILL move your existing cash balance from your old number to your new number automatically, without you needing to ask for it, if a replacement port is done.  We CANNOT move a monthly plan from the old number to the new ported in number at all, ever, I'm sorry.

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After you checkout and make your payment, you will be brought to a form that you MUST complete in order for this transaction to be processed. 

Order A Port Request

The Page Plus Port Process Explained

Step One

We will submit your port to PPC for processing.  We will send you a confirmation email when your port has been successfully submitted to PPC. 

Here is the information you will need from your old provider in order to the port request:

Account Number

Account/Billing Password (this is NOT the web-based account password you may have with your old provider.  PLEASE contact your old provider and ask for your "billing/porting passcode)

Account Holder's First & Last Name

Billing Address, City, State & Zip Code

The MEID/HEX/DEC Number of the phone you WISH TO USE on the PagePlus Cellular Network.

Some accounts do not have an account or billing password or passcode, and that's okay, but you MUST call your old provider and ask to be sure.  It is MUCH harder to FIX a port submitted with the wrong information than it is to have you take 5 minutes to confirm the information before we submit it :-) 

Step Two

PPC will submit your information to your old carrier for confirmation that your number will be released.  WHEN they receive confirmation that your number will be released, the Online Port Status Checker tool will show "Congratulations!" and that your port has been completed.  However, this is not entirely true.

Step Three

PPC system must accept & process your port into their system as a new phone number.  We will confirm with PPC directly when your number is completely done porting into the system.

Step Four

If you received a NEW PPC NUMBER we will contact PPC for you on your behalf to make sure that your ported phone number is placed onto the correct ESN and we will activate your device for you.

Step Five

We will send you an email letting you know that your port is done!  This email will contain simple step-by-step programming instructions for your phone.  Once you have programmed your phone, and done your first test call, then you are ready to add a plan or minutes!