Page Plus Frequently Asked Questions

image5We hope these answers help you! If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us!

Can I use my existing phone with Page Plus Cellular?

Quite possibly, yes.  It depends on what kind of phone you have.  You cannot use a retail-packaged prepaid phone that you purchased in Walmart or Target.  You cannot use any device that is blacklisted with the Page Plus Cellular network. Click Here to learn more about whether your current existing device will work!

Is there anyway you can remind me when my account is about to expire, my balance is getting low, or my plan is about to run out?

Of course!  Page Plus has strict deadlines on when you need to add funds in order to keep your existing balances.  As such, Kitty Wireless offers a completely automated reminder system that will email you whenever you are getting close to an expiration of some type.  Click Here to go to our Reminders Program page so you can read more about it.

When you sign your phone number up for free reminders, you can also elect to have DAILY or WEEKLY status reports emailed to you for that phone number, which will keep you informed, automatically, without you needing to request it.

What do I do if I ever lose my phone?

First, be prepared now.  Write down the MEID HEX or DEC number from the back of your current phone, and keep it in a safe place.  If you ever do lose your phone, we will need your cellular number, along with this MEID HEX or DEC number, to be able to temporary disable your line, or move you to another device.

If you ever do lose your device, contact us and give us the cellular number, and the MEID of the device, and we will take care of it.

If you do not have your MEID, and we do not have it on file somewhere from a previous transaction, you will have to contact Page Plus directly at 800-550-2436 to do a lost phone transfer.  This is ONLY if you do not have the MEID of your old phone.

If I am going to port my number out of Page Plus, can I move my existing balance to another phone number to continue to use?

No, Page Plus does not allow funds or plans to be moved between phone numbers.  If you are leaving Page Plus, you will forfeit and lose any remaining plan time or balances on your account.  This is Page Plus corporate policy.

IMPORTANT CUSTOMER NOTICE:  From time to time we find it necessary to remind everyone that Page Plus is a PREPAID Cellular Provider.  All sales of Page Plus Plans, PINS & Cards are 100% non-refundable, and non-transferable. 

Prepaid Minutes & Plans cannot be moved between phone numbers, and prorated credits & refunds are not given if you should ever decide to discontinue your service.  This is no different than any other prepaid provider out there. 

Once you have paid for your time, or minutes, it is 100% non-refundable, and non-transferable, under any circumstances, at all, ever, per Page Plus policy.

Do I have to purchase a PIN every month myself and add it to my plan on my own, or can this be done automatically for me somehow?

What kind of dealer would we be if we could not help you avoid the hassle of adding your own!?!?  Of course!  Kitty Wireless offers a unique program called Kitty AutoPay.  You can signup for this program just by purchasing an AutoPay PIN from our Page Plus Airtime Store!

Once you purchase this, we will schedule your account on our AutoPay program.  We will charge your card once per month, add the PIN to your account for you, and notify you each time we do this!

If you are on our AutoPay program, and need to make changes to your plan or account, just let us know and we will take care of it for you!

Will the Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Eris or HTC Incredible work on Page Plus Cellular?

Yes, these three devices will work on Page Plus Cellular.  They must have a CLEAR ESN in order to be used on our network.   You can get an ESN Check done 24/7 automatically if you wish to know right now.  The device must be a OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER device, with OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER original software on the device. 

I cannot get web, data or picture messaging, or one of these, to work on my device?  Can you help me?

If you purchased your device from Page directly, please call 800-550-2436.  If you purchased your device from Kitty Wireless, please contact us.  If you purchased your device any other way, through another source, we cannot assist.   You might consider going to our forums,, and posting in the appropriate sub-forum to get assistance.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes, you can change plans at any time, however, keep this in mind:  When you add a plan to your account, such as the Talk n Text 1200 plan, that plan is good for 1 month.  If you decide half way through your month that you want to change to the Unlimited Talk n Text Plan, you can, however, the remaining time & balances on your Talk n Text 1200 plan will be lost.  Page Plus does not issue any pro-rated credits of any kind. 

We advise people to change plans around the same time your current plan expires, in order to reduce the amount you "lose" on your current plan.image4  Click Here to read more on "How to Change Plans Properly!"

Is there an easy way for me to check my remaining minutes, messages or data on my plan for the month?

Yes, please click on this link to learn more!!

Can I activate a temporary number with Page Plus to try out the service, and then port in my personal number from another carrier later?

Yes, of course!  This is considered just a regular port request.  Our port form will ask you if you are replacing a current Page Plus number, and you should fill in that area accordingly.  When we do your port, we will "throw away" your temporary number and put your ported in number on your device.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you activate a temporary number, to try out a device, and plan on porting in a number SOON to replace it, do NOT add a MONTHLY PLAN to the temporary number.  Monthly Plans are not transferrable from one number to another.  You CAN safely add $10, $25, $50 or $80 cards from a temporary number, to a ported in replacement number, but we CANNOT move monthly plans.

If I am on the Standard Plan, and I change to a monthly plan, and then back to a Standard Plan, will I keep my same per minute rate on the funds I had in my Standard Plan before changing to a monthly plan?

No.  Please see this KnowledgeBase article for a lengthy answer to this question.  Click Here to view the article.

We will update this FAQ frequently, so check back often!