Kitty Wireless FREE Page Plus Port Service

As usual, Kitty Wireless is leading the pack!  We are the ONLY Page Plus Dealer on the planet, as far as we know, who is currently offering these promotions for our customers!

Offers valid from 12:01am EST on 09/01/2014 through 6:00pm EST on 09/30/2014.

If you port in a number to Page Plus through Kitty Wireless, you will get a coupon code worth at least 20% off your first month of service on any monthly plan $29.95 or higher!

But if that port request is a POSTPAID account, coming in from AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular, T-Mobile or Verizon, then we will give you 60% off your first month on any monthly plan $29.95 or higher!

Cha-ching!  Huge savings for your first month, on the best network around! :-)  It doesn't get any better than that!

And then, just calculate the amount of money you'll be saving long-term with Page Plus month after month, over your old provider.  The cost savings alone will boggle your mind!!


We've decided to step it up a notch.  We believe, sincerely, that if we help you, you'll help us.  As of Friday October 19th, 2012, Port Requests are now free at Kitty Wireless!  Let us handle the Page Plus process for you.  Let us be your advocate.  It costs nothing!

IMPORTANT:  If you are merely wanting to move an EXISTING Page Plus number from one device to another, you do not need a Port Reuest.  You need an ESN Change, which can be found here.

  Porting Banner

This discount is ONLY valid on your first month and is NOT a recurring monthly discount.

We have worked hard to earn our status as the most popular, most reputable online Page Plus Dealer, and we'd like to earn your business, too!  Why trust an "unknown" with your number?  We are established, and we are the top performing dealer for Page Plus Cellular.

It is also very important to understand that your number must be 100% ported into Page Plus, programmed using our instructions, and you must place a test call OUT and a test call INTO your number, before you can purchase a plan or minutes.  Please refrain from purchasing a plan or minutes until you are absolutely sure your number is working properly on your device.  Thank you :-)

If you are porting over a WIRELESS LINE from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, US Cellular, or Sprint, we can usually get your port done in just a few hours.

If you need to review the process again, please Click Here to Go Back to Our Getting Started Guide

Please note:  YOU DO NOT need to have a temporary number with Page Plus before porting in a number.  There seems to be some confusion around this. You can port a number from another carrier, over to Page Plus, through Kitty Wireless, and put it directly onto a device, with no "middle number" in the process.  Please contact us for clarification if you need it.

Things you MUST know about doing a FREE Port-In to Page Plus, through Kitty Wireless.  Please read this section below.

Must Know #1:  We always experience a very high volume of port requests when we run this promotion.  Please understand we may be backlogged up to 24 hours in getting your port submitted.  Probably NOT, but it is possible.

Must Know #2:
  The number you are porting into Page Plus must currently be active with your old provider.  It cannot be cancelled or inactive in anyway.  Also, You, as the customer, are absolutely, 100% responsible for any early termination fee that your old provider may charge to you for porting your number out of their service, or ending your contract with them early.

Must Know #3:  We cannot provide technical support for any devices that we did not sell to you. 

Meaning, if you have us port your number onto a device, and that device does not work, your options will be limited to either porting your number back to your old provider, or doing an ESN Change to move your newly ported-in number onto a different device.  If the device you port your number onto does not work, we will gladly move your number to another device within one week, for free, up to two times.  


Must Know #4:  When your number is ported into Page Plus, your old plan on your provider will be canceled and disconnected.  You will receive a $2.00 credit on your number, on Page Plus, which will give you up to 15 minutes of domestic calling minutes to "test your phone out."  From here, you will need to purchase a plan or minutes to continue to use your phone on Page Plus.

Must Know #5:  You can safely port ONE line, or a few lines, off a family plan without impacting the other lines on the account. Just submit one port request for each number that you wish to port over, and we'll do them one by one.

Must Know #6:  AFTER your port is done, if you are porting ALL lines off your old carrier, it SHOULD close/cancel your account with them, HOWEVER, we DO recommend that you CONTACT your old carrier to be sure they have stopped billing for those lines you ported over :-)

Must Know #7:  When porting a number into Page Plus, the information on the port form must match what the old carrier has on file. So if the number is currently in another person's name, with the old carrier, you must provide 100% of their information on our port request form. Once the port is complete, and the number is here, you can then proceed with ordering PINS in your name.

Must Know #8:  A Verizon Prepaid device, that was grandfathered in on the network, CAN NEVER be changed to another number.  Please do not attempt to do a port replacement on a Verizon Prepaid device, to move it to another number, it will get booted off the network and will not work.

Please complete this form below so that we may get your port request going promptly.

Step 1:  Submit your port request using this form.

Step 2:  Wait for an email from us letting you know your port has been submitted - and then another saying it has been completed!

Step 3:  Follow the instructions in our email to program your phone and place your first test call.

Step 4:  After these 3 steps, it is time to order a plan or minutes for your device!

NOTE:  If you are porting in a number to take the place of an existing PagePlus Cellular Number, you will lose any monthly plan time remaining on the old number.  Your newly ported in number will start with a fresh $2.00 credit, as long as it has NEVER been a PagePlus number before.

Remaining MONTHLY PLAN TIME CANNOT BE MOVED FROM ONE PHONE NUMBER TO ANOTHER.  If you port in a number, to REPLACE an existing number, you must buy a new monthly plan for the new number once it arrives.  This is a Page Plus Cellular policy, not our policy.

  Customer Purchased Cash Balances are transferable if you port in a phone number to replace an existing PagePlus Cellular Number.

Here are the requirements for this transfer - all 4 requirements must be met:

1. You are porting in a phone number, to replace an existing PagePlus number.

2. You have a cash balance on that old number, that was ADDED to that old phone number within the past 48 hours (not 48 1/2, not 49 hours), we can move that amount of cash to the port replacement number (free credit money is not transferable ever.)

3. You are using the same device from the old number on the new number.

4. This transfer must be done within 24 hours of your incoming port request being completed.

We CAN and WILL move your existing cash balance from your old number to your new number upon your request.We will automatically move any cash balance on this old number to your new number when the port is done.  As long as that cash was added to your temporary number within the past 48 hours, as indicated above.  We cannot move a monthly plan from the old number to the new ported in  number at all.

Please be sure to double check your spam or junk mail folder to be sure our responses to you have not gone there.  Sometimes our mail ends up in the spam or junk folder.

PreExisting Port Warning

General Information Section
What is your email address?
What is your Alternate Contact Phone
in case we have questions?

Please use dashes in your phone number.
Example: 123-456-7890
Ported Number Warning
What is the Number that you
wish to port over to Page Plus?


Please use dashes in your phone number.
Example: 123-456-7890
Ported Number Warning
Is this number that you are porting a
a landline or wireless line?

What is the ESN of the device that
you wish to port this number onto? You
should look for the MEID, MEID HEX,
or DEC
number inside your phone's
menu software first. 

It can usually be found under Menu >>
Settings >> Phone Info or Device Info
somewhere.  If you cannot find it in
the software, you can also check under
the battery, however, the one inside
the phone's software is 100% accurate
and we trust it more.

If you cannot find it within the menu,
you can find it under the battery on
your phone.  We trust the one from
the software menu more, however.


This should be the MEID, HEX or DEC number of the device you wish to use on Page Plus.  NOT of your old carrier's device.

Please type the ESN one more time,
just so we can be sure we have it
correct before submitting.

ESN Verification

What is the make & model of the
phone that matches the above ESN?

If you do not know the make & model,
please type the brand name and the
type of phone, ex: "LG Flip Phone".

Make & Model
Who is your current carrier that you
wish to port away from?

Old Carrier
A Special Note on Account Numbers & Passcodes

Over time, after doing over 30,000 ports, we have learned a lot about what carriers
use for account numbers and passcodes.

Tracfone, Net10 and StraightTalk use the DEC Number or IMEI number from the back
of your current phone you have with them as your account number.  They use the
last four digits of your phone number as your passcode.

AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint & Boost Mobile all use account numbers and passcodes, unless
otherwise instructed.  Please contact your old carrier to get the appropriate PORTING
ACCOUNT NUMBER and PASSCODE before completing this section below.

YES, even AT&T GoPhone's have an account number.  Please call and ask for it from
AT&T and then enter it on this form.  Thanks!

Boost & Metro PCS DO NOT use your 10 digit phone number as the account number!
They absolutely do have a separate, unique account number for each line.  Please
contact Boost & Metro PCS customer service to get your account number BEFORE
submitting this request.  Otherwise it will get rejected & delayed.

Virgin Mobile DOES NOT use your ten digit phone number as your account number.  They
actually have a special number, that you absolutely MUST contact them to get.  100% of
Virgin Mobile ports submitted with the ten digit phone number as the account number
will require resolution.

Verizon Wireless uses an account number that looks like this:  123456789-00001 and
they normally use the last four digits of the account holder's social security number
as the passcode, unless the account holder has changed it.  (If they ask you for a
special word or code when you call into customer service, give us that instead.)  If your
Verizon numeric passcode SPELLS something, please give us the WORD version.

Landline companies also have account numbers and passcodes.  Please contact your
individual carrier to ask for this information. 

tells you there is NO PASSCODE, then you can write the word "none" safely).

Taking 5 minutes now to collect this accurate information will help
your port get completed faster!
What is your Account Number for
your old carrier?
What is your Account Passcode or
for your old carrier?.
The passcode or pin that we need is NOT the password
for your "web account" with your old provider.  It is the
billing passcode.  Please contact your old provider
to get this.  If you put in a "guess" it will only delay
your port.  Please verify before submitting.


Account Holder's First Name
Account Holder's Last Name
Account Holder's Address on the Acct
Account Holder's City on the Acct
Account Holder's State on the Acct
Account Holder's Zip Code on the Acct


Are you replacing a current Page Plus
Number with this ported-in number?
If yes, what is the number that you
wish for us to REPLACE?
If you are replacing an existing number,
is that existing number, that you are
REPLACING, on an AutoPay program
with Kitty Wireless?

If you have an existing cash balance on this number that you are replacing, we will
automatically request for it to be moved to your newly ported in number, as long as:

1.  You are using the same device from the old number to the new number.
2.  You purchased the funds that are on your old number (not free credits).
Are there any special comments or
notes that we should know regarding
this port request?

EXAMPLE:  If there is any reason you
would NOT want this port submitted
and processed right away, please let
us know.  Otherwise, please assume
that we are going to submit it and
port your number in immediately!

You can absolutely tell us to please
submit a port at X date and time, and
we will do our best.  Sometimes people
are traveling or not at home and prefer
not to have ports processed right away.


Business Name
Business Phone User Name
Business Authorized Signer
Ports are processed during our
regular business hours.  You will receive an email when we submit your
port for processing, and another when
it is done.  If we have any problems,
we will contact you in between.