Complimentary ESN Reset from Kitty

It has come to our attention that our ESN Reset services are being used thousands of times by other dealers and people who have never done business with Kitty Wireless.  Please keep in mind that we do not have to offer this free service. 

If you are going to use our free ESN Reset service, plase consider giving us your PIN & AutoPay business.  We are going to re-evaluate this service later this year to determine if we wish to continue doing free ESN Resets for the general public, or if we will restrict them to our customers only.

It has cost us tens of thousands of dollars to build our system, and we will not be able to continue such free services without your support.

This is a complimentary ESN Reset from Kitty Wireless to you.  We hope you will consider using us for your Page Plus PIN, Equipment, AutoPay & Services, in the future.

UPDATE AS OF 9/1/2010:
  All Page Plus systems routinely go offline during this time for maintenance.  Any transactions submitted between 11:30pm - 1:30am EST will be processed when the system comes back up!  This is for your transaction safety & accuracy.  This may be only temporary, we will monitor the effectiveness of this downtime to see if it's working for us.

This may potentially fix data issues with your device, or fix the
error message "we are unable to authenticate your phone."

DO NOT do an ESN Reset on a currently banned Page Plus Device!


If you are trying to do an ESN Reset on a 4g LTE device that is active on Page Plus WITH A 4g LTE SIM CARD, STOP, it will not work and you will harm your configuration.

If you are trying to do an ESN Reset on a 4g LTE device that was FLASHED for 3G use on Page Plus, you must drop the last digit on the IMEI for that to work.

What is your email address?
What is your Cellular Number?
What is your Current ESN
Priority Access Code. DO NOT CHANGE!
ABOUT 10 MINUTES AFTER you submit this form, please check your email (and your spam/junk folders just in case) for an email from us which includes instructions on what to do after your ESN Reset.