How can I check my minutes, messages, data and call history, online or from my phone?

We get this question a lot: Is there an easy way that I can check my available balance, remaining minutes, remaining text messages, call history for any of your phones, or remaining data online?

Yes, there are FOUR ways.

Yes, there are four ways. The FOURTH way is the only way to see your call history - and PagePlus only shows you the last 250 call records. If you really need or want a printed hardcopy statement from PagePlus, they charge a $5.00 fee per month for that.

ALSO, PLEASE NOTE: You can ONLY see a counter of your REMAINING (not used) minutes, messages & data if you are on the Talk n Text 1200 plan. UNLIMITED Talk n Text customers DO NOT get a counter of how many minutes or messages they have used, but can see their data remaining.

You can text BAL to 7243 and our system will respond with your status report 24/7 (as long as the Page Plus system is online!) This text message must be sent from your Page Plus Cellular handset.

This text message IS NOT FREE. It does cost 1 message to send the request, but the message you get back is free.  This is an AWESOME feature if you are on-the-go a lot and want to know your account status instantly right on your phone!

SECOND METHOD: You can go to this link and get a free STATUS REPORT 24/7:

THIRD METHOD: You can signup for FREE email & text reminders at this link  - our system can monitor your numbers and alert you when you are getting low on something :-)

(This is where you can check call histories) - Directly at they offer an "Online Account Management System (OLAM)" where you can register for a FREE ONLINE ACCOUNT to monitor many things.

Before using this OLAM system, you must already have an ACTIVE PagePlus Cellular phone with a PPC Phone Number.

To register for this free account, you must go to:

After you are registered for the account and you log into it, you must then ADD your current PHONE to the account. You can add multiple phone numbers/devices to one account so that you can monitor their status from within one login.

You do this by clicking on the Add/Edit/Remove phone selection on the left hand side of the screen. You follow the steps, and when the system sends you a verification text message to your device, you enter the code to verify you are the authorized user. UNDER the section where it asks you to choose your Device Make/Model, if they do not have YOUR specific device listed, just leave both make/model blank and don't select anything. That will still work.

COMMON ISSUE: During the phone registration/adding a phone process for your Online Account, many people report not receiving the "Verification Text Message" to their cellular phone (a required step in the process.) If you do not receive the verification text message, you must submit a ticket to Page Plus using this link below to submit a ticket to have them manually send you the verification text message.

Click Here to Submit A Ticket

From that point forward, as long as you enter the right text-message verification code, you can monitor your usage right on the OLAM system.

Please note, accounts that are on the STANDARD RATE PLAN do not have a meter inside their OLAM which shows CURRENT minutes used, CURRENT text messages used or CURRENT data used.

ONLY phones that are on a plan such as Unlimited Talk n Text or Talk n Text 1200 will see a meter.  The UNLIMITED Talk n Text plan does not show your minutes or messages used - it just shows the word "Unlimited" in those field.  There is currently no known way to get a tally of your minutes & messages used on the Unlimited Plan.

Also, please check our knowledgebase at for a TON of great information!