Approved Phone? Supported Phone? Unsupported?
What's the difference?

Page Plus Cellular Phone Category Buzz Words

All of the information on this page is current as of 05/28/2011.

As you venture into your experience with Page Plus Cellular, you are going to hear different phones being referred to as different categories.  The categories that you will hear about often are as follows:

Approved & Supported Phones
Allowed but Unsupported Phones
Banned Phones/Ineligible Devices

What do these really mean?  Well, let me tell you a little about each category, and that will help you figure out which category your chosen device falls into.


OVERALL:  Great for Talk, Text & Picture Messaging - Fully Supported

An Approved & Supported Phone will be any phone that you purchased directly from Page Plus Cellular, or from us if it indicates that the device is a Page Plus Approved Device.  While Page Plus Approved & Supported phones are great for Talk, Text & Picture Messaging, they are not great at true internet access, email, web, etc.  (This is accurate as of the time of this writing on 05/28/2011.)

Now, let's say they sell the Samsung U740 Alias on, or from us, and it is an APPROVED & SUPPORTED phone ... you CANNOT just go purchase a Samsung U740 Alias from eBay or another source and expect Page Plus Cellular to support it.  You MUST have purchased your device directly from, or from us, if you want them, or us, to provide full technical support for your device.  No exceptions.

If Kitty Wireless sells you a Page Plus Approved device, you can get support for it not only from Kitty Wireless, but also from Page Plus Cellular directly.


OVERALL:  More advanced functionality, but unsupported.

This category of phones includes hundreds of different phones, so we cannot list them all.  This category is the category of phone you want to consider if you want true internet access, true web access, true data access, with more advanced functionalities.

Any phone that you purchased on eBay, from Craigslist, or from a friend, would fall into this category.  What this means is that if you purchase a phone from a dealer, or from another source, THAT SOURCE is expected to support you on THAT phone. 

If WE sell you an ALLOWED, BUT UNSUPPORTED, DEVICE, you cannot call Page Plus Cellular to get support with it. We would be expected to provide you with the necessary support.

Phones in this category would include, but are not limited to, examples of the following:

Android Phones
Windows Mobile Phones
Palm OS Phones
Blackberry Devices

Click this link to read our dedicated discussion page ALL About Smartphones

If you want true internet, true web access using a real HTML browser, true email access using a mobile mail client, and other advanced features, you should consider a phone in this category.  Below you will find some of the most popular specific devices that we see people activating frequently, with the best rates of success:

HTC Droid Eris (Droid OS, Touch Screen)

HTC Ozone (Windows Mobile OS, Non-Touch Screen, Real Qwerty Keyboard)

HTC Incredible, Incredible 2 (Droid OS, Touch Screen)

Motorola Droid (A855) and Motorola Droid 2 (A955) running Droid OS, both touch screens and real Qwerty Keyboards.

Palm Pixi Plus (Palm OS, Touch Screen) - See our Palm Pixi Guide Here

Casio G'Zone Commando (Droid OS, Ruggedized, Touch Screen)

Samsung Omnia II i920 (Windows Mobile OS, Touch Screen)

LG Ally VS740 (Droid OS, Touch Screen, Real Qwerty Keyboard)

Motorola Devour A555 (Droid OS, Touch Screen, Real Qwerty Keyboard)

You can find these devices for sale on eBay, or Craigslist, at fairly good prices.  Please read our eBay & Craigslist page by Clicking Here for more information on how to protect yourself when purchasing a device on eBay or from Craigslist. 


The last category of phones that we have are the BANNED/INELIGIBLE phones.  These phones consist of various phones, brands, makes/models that Page Plus does not allow to be activated on their network. For instance, these devices are not allowed:

Retail Packaged Prepaid Phones
(The ones you buy in Walmart, Target, etc.)

These phones will not even activate on the Page Plus Network.  They are not allowed. Dealers cannot, in anyway, circumvent this rule.  It's just not technically possible.

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We recommend doing an ESN Check on any phone that you are considering purchasing BEFORE you purchase it to see if the ESN is clear for use on Page Plus.  Some phones come back as being on the "FRAUD-FROZEN-LIST", which basically means that they are blacklisted with OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER for either being lost/stolen or having a past due balance associated with them from having been on a OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER PostPaid account previously.

Dealers cannot, in anyway, circumvent this rule.  It's just not technically possible. If a phone comes back as being on this list, a dealer cannot override this.

We hope this helps you understand the differences between the categories, and hopefully you will understand the terminology used a little better. 

If you need any help figuring out which category your particular phone falls into, send us an email to and we will try to help!

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