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Puppy Wireless is, perhaps, the best kept secret in the MVNO industry!

"You get what you pay for."  It's an ageless phrase, but it holds a lot of weight
in the prepaid cellular industry.  We are not the cheapest around, and we prefer
never to be known as "cheap."  Thankfully.  But if you want FLAWLESS Autopay
renewals, and if you want help from an AMERICAN representative, you
have come to the right place.  Thank you for considering Kitty Wireless & Puppy Wireless.

SAVE 50% off all Page Plus SIM Cards!
We have GENUINE Page Plus Standard/Micro and NANO SIMS in stock
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We have heard of people getting "fake" or "knock off" SIM Cards.
Don't be fooled.  Buy from a reputable, trusted, reliable source.

Page Plus now offers Unlimited Data
on the $55.00 and $69.95 per month plans!*
* Data after plan allotment will be throttled to a slower speed,
but will be unlimited after that point.

Port your number into Page Plus FREE OF CHARGE!
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TIP:  One Time PINS are processed faster than new autopay setups.  If you need
a plan within 1-2 days, please order a ONE TIME PIN.  If you can wait 7-10 days
for it to be established, please order a new autopay plan.

PUPPY WIRELESS ports & new activations are being processed SUPER fast!


When you are the BEST at what you do, a period of delay can be expected.
We have people flocking to us for their prepaid cellular needs.  Planning
7-10 days ahead would be GREATLY appreciated.


Kitty Wireless is also the premier dealership for Puppy Wireless!
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For FREE Page Plus New Activations, please go here.
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We are American owned.  Based in MAINE, USA.
We do not outsource anything overseas.  You are
always dealing with an American based corporate employee.
We feed our American families from this business.
We believe this means something, in today's world.
Thank you for your support of our American based business.


We are shipping 4g LTE Page Plus SIM Cards NOW!
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We also have SIX different 4g LTE phones for sale,
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from entry level to super high end!

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We give every email, and every order, the individualized attention it deserves.  We hope that you
understand that any wait-time you might experience is only because we are helping other customers get the
same attention that we will give you when your ticket is handled.

Don't take on the prepaid wireless world alone. Let us activate your phone, or port in your number.
Let us get you started, the right way.  Let Team Kitty take care of all of your needs, personally.
If you are unsure where to begin, read the About Kitty Wireless and I'm New to Page Plus
pages first to get a great overview of how everything works. 
Why settle for less than the best?  Seriously.  :-)

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