Welcome to Kitty Wireless
& Puppy Wireless


September 5th, 2015


We need a new website.  We need to rebuild, revamp and reorganize.  There comes a time in every business where
you need to take a step back, analyze what you have become, fix what needs to be fixed, and make changes.

As of Saturday, September 5th, 2015, we are temporarily closing web services while we restructure and
put the new website online.  I don't know yet if this will take 1 week or 1 month.  We need time to get
things completed, so we can better service everyone. 

We will relaunch with a new website, a far improved ticket management process, and faster response time.  I've always believed
in QUALITY over QUANTITY, so it's critical that we take the time right now to fix everything, and bring our entire
business back to that basic founding principle.  I am not ashamed to call a time out, to huddle the teams together,
and to make the proper decisions, however hard they might be, to ensure a brilliant future.  Any good business owner,
faced with incredible workloads and limited resources, would do the same.  Thank you for your support.

UPDATE as of 9/29/2015:  Our new website is coming along nicely.  We had to spend a significant amount
of time getting the backend systems connected, and now we are working on content & organization. I am
very hopeful that we will have our new website online by October 10th, 2015.  :-)  Stay tuned!

For All Existing & New Page Plus Customers

We will not be adding any new autopay customers at this time.
Please check back again soon for more information.

Need to buy a phone?  Click here.
We just received a good inventory of iPhone 5C's in stock for only $375.00 each!

Need a one time Page Plus PIN? Click here.
One Time PINS are processed as quickly as possible.  We know you need your plan!

Click here to make a change to your existing Page Plus autopay.

Click here to order a Page Plus SIM Card.

SIM Cards ship once a day from our Florida office.

We are still adding new people onto Page Plus.  Click here to do a new
Page Plus activation or port request, at 10% off your first month.

Club members can still log into their club areas to purchase one time pins as their reduced club rates.
The club member login area is here

For All Existing & New Puppy Wireless Customers

Click here to order a Puppy Wireless SIM Card.
SIM Cards ship once a day from our Florida office.

Click here to view Puppy plans, and order a Puppy new activation or port request.

For all requests regarding your EXISTING Puppy account, please use the "Tickets" option
inside your Puppy Wireless dashboard area for fastest assistance.  Puppy Wireless customers ONLY, with
an existing line already on Puppy Wireless, can also call for live assistance, 24 hours a day.  The
Puppy Wireless Call Center number can be found within your Puppy PORT COMPLETED or
NEW ACTIVATION email address.   Puppy Call Center reps CANNOT ASSIST, at all, with any Page Plus
related issue, or any pending port request issue.  Please contact support@kittywireless.com for Page Plus
or pending port related issues. 

Everyone can still email support@kittywireless.com, however, be forewarned that we are backlogged
15+ days on ticket responses.  Which is why we are revamping everything, to get caught up
and relaunch with a more clear, concise and organized online presence.

Thank you all for your understanding.  We will return as soon as we can.   Until then, please visit us at
http://www.kittyforums.net to stay up to date with the rebuilding project and up to date on other ongoing projects.